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Aeonica travels across the USA sharing the joys of cosplay and providing opportunities for people to perform either on an informal level through karaoke or though a fun competitive program called Anime Idol. Aeonica also hosts cosplay meetups and various panels

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Anime Idol

Anime Idol is my signature competitive performance program. Contestants vie for glory on the stage at various conventions across the US. The show features live audience voting and a winner is crowned at the end of the program.


My karaoke sessions are a professional experience complete with wireless mics and lyrics on both a projector and a neqw wireless personal lyrics display. Great for sing alongs or performance.


Aeonica has cosplayed for 10 years (as of Matsuricon 2022 this August). Aeonica is honored to have guested at many conventions such as Grand Rapids Comic con, Black Hills Con, Hannon's Camp America Geek Out, and Wizard World Cleveland (2019). He hosts photoshoot meetups at various conventions. His favorite fandoms are Disney and idols (singers). He hosts panels such as "cosplay 101 and introductory panels to the world of cosplay and conventions.


I have performed on convention stages across the country and around the world; and more recently have had the privilege to judge at conventions, such as AniMinneapolis and Anime Midwest. I strongly encourage everyone to give the performing arts a try.

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